Trump’s Difficult Summer 2018 Ahead

Trump’s Difficult Summer 2018 Ahead

Trump will be having a difficult summer ahead. It’s the early part of May 2018 when I’m posting this and the beginnings of a difficult summer is ahead for many of us, especially for the Trump White House. Much has been brewing behind closed doors and it feels like much is about to crack open and be exposed to the public soon. It sure looks like this summer will be a roller coaster ride in the media.

Today on May 3rd Trump is admitting that he gave Michael Cohen monies to pay off Stormy Daniels from personal funds. It has been looking like this act was going to become an illegal unreported transaction for his campaign. Now there is an attempt by the Trump group to turn it back to a private transaction, but is it too late? The lawsuit has been delayed 90 days which would resume in early August.

Now there are new leaks from the Trump attorneys with 24 questions from Mueller. This is a probable attempt to curb Mueller’s probes. Some Republican Congressmen want to impeach Rosenburg, the Asst. Attorney General supervising Mueller’s investigation. What we do know from the past is that Trump is a fighter, he learned this from Roy Cohen (who worked from Joe McCarthy) who worked for Trump for 13 years.  Cohen taught him to double down and crush your opponent.

What does astrology say to all of this?? From a first pass of just using his standard horoscope, it would not look like much since the major degrees of this rough summer doesn’t hit his chart hard, OR does it??? Using some modern form of old techniques called Arabic Parts or Greek Lots, we can pull out more information.

As astrologers we have the good fortune to have an exactly timed birth date for Trump, usually we only have a solar chart for most famous people. So I can use The Solar Arabic Parts to pull a bit information from his horoscope. I have noted before in prior posts that Trump has an Out of Bounds Mercury that seems to be the reason that when he goes off script he jumps from thought to thought without completing his sentences.

From Trump’s personal solar parts we see that the Part of Self is 7 Scorpio and his Part of Mars is 3 Scorpio, so besides his Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, he has got a lot of Scorpio in his chart having Mars, the ruler of Scorpio on his Ascendant. He is a bit like Bill Clinton who has Mars on his Leo Ascendant, they both have sex on their minds a lot.  These parts make Trump a triple Scorpio and this will be important for this summer. Scorpio is seen as a scorpion or snake but Mars and Scorpio can also personify the higher expression in the form of an eagle. A leader who is committed to his family, company and political party. Bill Clinton expressed that side of himself and so did Teddy Roosevelt but Trump seems to be mostly protective of his family and business, not the Republican party or the nation. Mars and Scorpio can also represent authorities in your life, like parents, teachers, the principal, the boss at work, the police or a judge. People who can judge you, give you praise or consequences, punishments or rewards.

expect one, the Part of Self which is modern and new. Carl Payne Tobey spent years studying the fundamental design of astrology and he realized that these parts listed above used the formula Asc + Planet – Sun = Part. He realized that they all were based on the ration of the distance of the Sun from the Ascendant (Asc – Sun). If one more part was created, it would form a secondary natal chart based on these parts. The Part of Self is another Ascendant point in horoscopes that have exact times.

So this summer has a sequential series of aspects that are unusually intense and repetitive. This year (and every two years) Mars will be Retrograde. But this time it is OOB in Aquarius. This is a rare event to have Mars Rx in this sign but to have it Out of Bounds too will just add to it’s intensity. Then we have the added bonus that Mars will do part of its retrograde dance conjuncting the south lunar node for an usually extensive period of time AND at the same time squaring Uranus. We can have these kinds of long extended aspects occasionally but it usually created periods of upset accompanied with violence like guns or bombs. The already agitated get more upset and feel that ‘something must be done’.

The graph shows the summer transits as wavy lines and Trump’s chart is on the right with straight dotted lines across the whole graph. That way it is easy to see when the transits will be near important points in Trump’s natal chart. The light blue transparent bar shows the area of 3-7 degrees Scorpio and one can see the dance of Mars and Uranus doing three repetitive squares from mid-May to early September 2018. The transparent yellow bar shows the most critical period of time for Trump from mid-June to mid-September. It includes an eclipse period with a solar eclipse on July 13, a lunar eclipse on July 27 and another solar eclipse on August 11th. To say the least, this will be a long, hot summer for Trump and the Mueller investigation. These aspects are in fixed signs so both sides will fight it out and not want to give up territory to the other. Extreme weather events can occur and the possibility of earthquakes are possible too since these are fixed signs and Uranus in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.

Now we see Trump’s natal chart with the Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018. The red transparent cross are the points where this eclipse will fall along with his two Solar Parts in Scorpio at 3 and 7 degrees.   It forms a grand cross along his 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12 houses. His misspeaking, saying too much, and twittering will come to a head. His son, Donald Jr. and Eric Jared are likely to be involved with these events this summer too. There will be much arm twisting and sparing. The question comes up again, can his health hold up with all this pressure? Would he resign to avoid the public display?

For anyone with natal planets in early fixed signs from 1-9 degrees, it can be a difficult summer with events coming out of the blue to knock you off balance. The key is not to react immediately if the impulse is to strike back. Sit on your hands and get more facts before deciding what to do. Tempers can flare and self-control is important so as to not fan those flames. Be alert while driving a car and using power tools. Accidents can happen when one is distracted or careless.   There will be much news in the media so it will be like watching a soap opera but only in reality not fiction.

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