A Long Hot Summer in 2018

Posted May 26, 2018

Astrologically we have a very special summer coming this year that will seem very long and emotionally hot. Every two years Mars will have a retrograde period but it’s rare to have it in the sign of Aquarius, like 80-some years ago. Occasionally we have a long dance between Mars going retrograde with the Lunar Nodes. To have this already rare Mars Rx in Aquarius being aligned the lunar nodes AND staying in a square aspect to Uranus is very rare indeed. Normally this kind of aspect will only last a week or two.

Lunar Nodes with Mars and Uranus in 2018

But this year, the alignment of Mars to the Lunar Nodes will be from at least May 20 to August 15—almost 3 months!!! The alignment of Uranus square Mars started May 8th. There will be three exact squares until they separate after September 23, but Uranus will stay aligned to the lunar nodes until the end of October.

So what does it mean? Mars is a very emotionally hot planet that can be easily associated with authority and business. It represents the sex drive in individuals but sex in astrology has a much broader meaning that our modern use of the word. In astrology, Mars and Scorpio is the emotional element that wants to possess and protect what is theirs by providing for the family. That can extend to a family business or business transactions that protect and promote the family survival. It is also the authority element in a family. When we are young, our first authority is a parent, in school it becomes a teacher or principal. As an adult it could still be a parent but when we work for others, it becomes the boss. In a society like ours, it then becomes the police, prosecutors or judges that decide if punishment or constraint is needed for the good of the group/society. This emotional element that protects the family can also go to the extremes of incest, child abuse, spousal abuse or periods of emotional rage. There are tipping points where someone ‘sees red’ or goes ballistic. In a normal direct transit of Mars, these over the top emotional periods can last only a few days or a week. We could have an argument or be called on the carpet by the boss or get a speeding ticket. It’s like moving your hand over a candle flame. It’s hot but not a problem. But what if you keep your hand on top of the flame for a long time? It might produce second or third degree burns. This is what happens to Mars when it’s stationary. In the sign of Aquarius, it becomes more volatile and impulsive by the very nature of Aquarius. This sign can make Mars become accident prone or more likely to jump to conclusions or take strong action.

The Lunar nodes are in Aquarius and Leo. The north and south nodes are always 180 degrees apart and they travel backwards in a sign for about 2.5 years. When they align with the Sun, we have Solar and Lunar Eclipses. We will have a set of three of these in July and August. The Lunar Nodes bring instability and the factor of surprise into the mix. They can represent a change of course or a different direction is taken.  This has historically be associated with more airplane disasters. This summer they will mix it up with Mars and Uranus to create this volatile period of impulsive action, acts of explosive reaction, excessive blasts of anger that represents the fear of losing what we most emotionally value or possess. Psychologically anger is an expression of FEAR of loss. That which we possess and value might be taken from us. When couples breakup, the most dangerous period for a woman is after the separation if the man doesn’t want it.  It can be a high sex period that involves violence. In world events we can see this with an excess of police action, bombings, school shootings or legal authorities expressing their dominion over others.

This period will see many explosive events but the investigation of Russian interference with the Trump campaign is likely to see more indictments, grand juries and convictions. Below are just the major transits of the Sun, Lunar Nodes, Mars, Uranus and Mercury. The dotted horizontal lines across the graph are the same planets in Robert Mueller’s natal chart. Note the dance of Mars, Uranus and the nodes against his Pluto. This is most exact in June and into the second week of July. (There is no public birth time for Mueller that his facial characteristics look like Aquarius rising or nUranus on the Ascendant.)

Mars w Nodes 2018The next image is of five separate people that I’m following in the Mueller investigation that have these transits hitting their charts. Robert Mueller is the most inner chart then Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Donald Trump and lastly the transits. Note the repetition of Mars in all of these charts, some have their natal lunar nodes activated. Since Trump and Mueller are just two years apart, their Plutos are close together.

5 chart wheel

So I think we will see lots of legal action, a bit too much police authority, violent acts (this has already started) and a very angry and erratic Trump as his family is put under a microscope and he has no way to stop the investigation. He has already created Spygate to discredit Mueller in the public’s eye. It should be a summer of fireworks.

So keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Remember that power tools can be dangerous if one is careless or distracted. Cars are power tools so slow down a bit and be defensive in your driving. We cannot control others but we can control our own reactions to others. I like the idea of sitting on my hands and waiting for events to force me to act, otherwise I let the event pass by. Think of an emotional out burst as a train that comes into a station. We can either get on that train and go with the emotional burst or we can let that train leave the station without us.


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