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© Naomi C Bennett 4 Jan 2018

Trump and Kim Jung-Un, the Rocket Men

all day all the time!

This is an astrology forecast with just the high points of the year, especially regarding Trump and all the players around him. More will be added later as events continue to unfold with each eclipse and moon wobble period, along with the dreadful month of July that is coming. We start with the slowest planets first to describe the times we live in. This forecast is especially relevant to persons who have strong placements in early Fixed Signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  ( I use the Tobey System of astrology found in my book Foundations of Astrology.)

Eris is the newly discovered planet by astronomer Mike Brown back in 2005.  It is outside the orbit of Pluto, is just as large as Pluto and has it’s own Moon. Eris is the likely natural ruler of Taurus and it is so slow that Eris has been in the sign of Aries since the 1920’s.   The node of Eris is currently at 6 Taurus and has only moved two degrees in a century.   So there are generations of people who have the node of Eris in early fixed signs and bulk of all people alive have the planet Eris in the sign of Aries. Too much speculation has been written about this planet based on myth so far and these assumptions about the meaning Eris needs to be taken lightly. If Eris is the ruler of Taurus, the sign fixed earth, the one big long term trend I have noticed with its transit in Aries the gigantic change in our city structures. With Eris in Aries we have changed our building construction from bricks to steel frame structures that allow building to reach to the sky over 100 stories. Our buildings no longer have the limits of brick and mortar. Entire floors are made of glass. The density of our city design has intensified. Aries is the sign of risk taking, pioneering and speculation so to see how we have changed our cities in this period of time is very noteworthy to astrologers trying to understand this new planet. The 20th century was a time when people moved off the farm and into cities in great masses. With the discovery of Pluto in 1930 we have started to pollute our entire planet with radiation that has radically changed our vision of fixed earth. The family farm has almost disappeared with the advent of corporate farming. Remember that Aries is associated with big, huge changes. Mining has become big too with mechanization. A century ago, most families lived in small houses on farms and now we live in big houses on small lots in the suburbs or up in a high-rise apartment. The traditional family structure has been very altered by changes in marriage and divorce laws. Birth control has made the family more nuclear and small. Why do I point this out? From my book, Foundations of Astrology it is clear that the 4th House is about fixed earth, the home, parents and genetic DNA. This is all Taurus and the ruler of Taurus and the 4th House is Eris. With it being in Aries, then I must add in the qualities of Aries to describe how we have changed our living structures in the home, the family of origin and our cities that we live in this past century. Last year and this year Eris is squaring the nodes of Saturn at 23 Cancer/Capricorn. I don’t think most of us will notice this period of time unless the lunar nodes cross these points to made a big event or splash. That is not likely until 2019 so I will wait to speculation on this for next year.

Pluto is still in the middle of Capricorn this year and only moves from 18 to 20 degrees. This can be a once in a lifetime transits for mid-Cardinal signs. Pluto, as small as it is, is a heavy weight transits that transforms a person or life. It can make risking taking, adventure, children or a younger generation, love affairs, pioneering efforts come into one’s life for good and ill. Obsession to a cause or person can occur that consumes a person. In the process, beliefs and dreams can be dissolved by the reality that is before you. The fairy tales that society, television stories and culture teach us in youth are shattered by the reality of experience. Since this planet entered Capricorn, the world has seen the militarization of civil police forces around the world. Just in the USA, the federal government has given away it’s equipment to police departments. Former soldiers have become police officers, many of them were born with Pluto in Scorpio (a very warrior-like generation). This placement creates a form of government and corporation protection that has been building up since 2008 to strengthen these institutions against the general public, the raging masses. In 2011 there was a huge amount of planets in Aries, the natural sign for Pluto rulership. It was the time of the Arab Spring and the 99% came out to the streets around the world to protest against big business and government. The Arab world and China stopped this quickly and squashed them down around the world. In the US, the police waited until the next spring of 2012 when the99% wanted to re-establish it’s protest spots in major US cities. Every police department in every major city forced them to disband in one weekend. When Black Lives Matter happened or the Boston Bombing occurred, there was an unprecedented show of force by the police that was shocking to see. Military rule was in place with tanks, AK47, helmets, tear gas, etc. This was a show of Pluto in Capricorn–the use of military power to protect establishments of power. tPluto is coming to its own south node at 20 Capricorn this year. It just re-enforces the strength of Pluto this year. Other major slow transits are out of aspect to Pluto this year so it will just be more of the same with big organizations consolidating power and control. This was clearly in effect when the Republican Party pushed its tax reform bill into law quickly without review for the benefit of the 1%.

Neptune is not quite in the middle of Pisces (11-14 degrees), it’s natural place as ruler of this sign. Since it has arrived, 35 states have legalized marijuana and we now have a growing problem with pain medications. Neptune/Pisces is associated with drugs of all kinds, prisons, the underclass, places of confinement, the esoteric, art, group religions mind-melt experiences, rock concerts, movies and creative imagination.   But look how we have liberalize our cultural attitudes on gay marriage, now recognized around the world. There are now genderless public bathrooms and we see transsexuals on television like Bruce/Katlin Jenner or in the military! There have been major changes in prison reform and we have lessened our punitive laws on criminality and confinement. More will be done in these areas. Many city leaders are being called to task on how punitive our arrest laws for minor offences penalize the poor in our cities in a profound way. Our attitude toward the homeless has been changing for the better. And in all of this, crime is actually down in all major cities from it’s highs in the 1990’s. This year may bring an acceleration of change to this cultural attitudes since tNeptune will be squaring the nodes of Uranus. Transiting Jupiter will sextile Neptune for part of this year so the likelihood of more changes with immigration (another underclass of foreigners) might at least be talked about. The rise in populism in the US and around the world has been unseating the people elected to office since Brexit, Bernie Sanders, Trump becoming president, Macon in France, riots in Iran. This rise in populism is the counter-reaction to Pluto in Capricorn. The masses of people are trying to leave the EU, throw the bums out and drain the swamp. This year could be a high point of change with Neptune sitting on the nodes of Uranus. This could be the crest of a wave with the coming 2018 elections. More women are running for office than ever before. Next November 12th, election day, has the Sun coming to a conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune within one degree to the nodes of Uranus. Mercury is in Sagittarius and Venus will be in Libra, both signs of progress into the future. Mars is still in Aquarius but it will be squaring Jupiter in the first degrees of Sagittarius. The signs of Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius all point to positive change for the future. Uranus will be squaring the lunar nodes so expect an upset, or a surprise with this election.

Uranus starts in the last degrees of Aries at 24 degrees, moves into early Taurus (0-2 degrees) in May, then returns to Aries in November and ends December at 28 Aries. Youthful rebellion is still in the air this year but the winds of change to calm down and dampen these change start when Uranus goes into the sign of Taurus. This is the last breath and year where the rising up of youthful protests will be strong. The burning desire to take to the streets for change is still with us but the glow of this intensity will melt away into 2019. The rise of young men wanting to sacrifice themselves to a cause will have its last stand this year. The burning obsession to fight the good fight for a just cause/religion/belief system will continue this year but will fade away quickly when Uranus moves permanently into Taurus next year. But Uranus always brings change whatever sign its in. What will Uranus in Taurus look like? Taurus is fixed earth, the home, family, past heredity from parents, farming, land, mining. It has been associated with banking but I’m not sure of this (because the ancients associated Venus/Taurus with banking). How is corporate farming and mining going to change? Will we have major shifts in the definition of family. In July 2018, we will get a sense of these changes when the lunar nodes come to meet Uranus in a square with lunar and Mars during an eclipse period. The solar eclipse is July 13th and the lunar eclipse happens on the 27th with the nodes exactly with the Sun. This is heavy weigh stuff. Mars is Out-of-Bounds in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.   Violence and upset are in the air. Uranus with the lunar nodes brings in instability where people make mistakes and accidents happen. In the past, many deaths have occurred under these aspects. Is there a panic in the stock markets with computerized trading? The probability of a panic-like atmosphere is likely when the solar eclipse on July 13th is opposed to Pluto. Is there military action or the threat of war that panics people? It’s a crisis point for the year. The first half of August isn’t much better when we have another solar eclipse that still has Mars OOB and squaring Uranus until the 19th. This is a solid month of activity that pushes people emotionally into taking drastic action. The mentally unstable become unhinged.

Saturn has entered its own sign of Capricorn so its truest, basic nature will be felt this year. This is the planet and sign of order, following the rules or law. It is about structure, habits, established organizations, and containment. It respects and calls back history and the past. For persons with important aspects in early Cardinal signs (0-11 degrees of Capricorn), this will be a year of being responsible and taking care to fulfill promises and commitments. The concern is does one take on too much and over extend themselves??? When that happens, the only socially acceptable way to get out of obligations is to have health issues. So does over-extension lead to illness? To regulation oneself, to stay within the lines or boundaries, to slow down, to restrict the self; these are the demands of Saturn for early cardinal signs. The burdens of the world can feel heavy at times when the tSun or tMars comes into hard aspect with Saturn so planning for delays or slow downs helps for getting through the tough periods


Jupiter spends most of its time in mid Scorpio before moving forward through the end of Scorpio in early November and then rushing into Sagittarius to the end of the year. It is in conjunction with Mars in January and on the nodes of Mars in January. There has been a rise in riots in Iran for over a week in this first week but this will fade after  the 20th. This may be the end of the social climate of the #MeToo movement of social change for sexual harassment in the workplace as Mars moves away from Jupiter by the end of January.  Jupiter promotes social change in futuristic ways but it’s in Scorpio most of this year and it goes retrograde staying near the nodes of Mars! How long will the #MeToo movement last? The need to reform our social culture in the workplace could linger while Jupiter stays in Scorpio near the nodes of Mars, the sign of sex, business and authority the bulk of this year

Lunar Nodes changes signs Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius last May 9, 2017 is when the tide changed for Trump with the Moon Wobble in mid-May 2017. He fired Comey and Mueller was appointed to investigate the election. The nodes stay in a sign about 18 months so they will be in Leo/Aquarius until early November 2018 when they move to Cancer/Capricorn, just at election time. This Leo/Aquarius is all about kingship, leadership, the unconventional, charismatic personality, the cult of personality and his followers. We appear to be in this period of time when every twit gets national attention and it’s all that is talked about each news hour. The slow turning of the wheels of justice are in place. It looks like that Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. will get some major news events this solar eclipse period at the end of January. The lunar eclipse is January 31st , the moon wobble is February 3rd and the solar eclipse is February 15. I think the major event turning this time will be near the lunar eclipse. News will come out about these two sons.

The #MeToo Movement started after the exposure of Harvey Weinstein last November 2017 during a Moon Wobble period exact on November 11th. This social movement caught on because the lunar nodes were squared by the nodes of Mars (sign of sex, business, authority) in November and December. Then we had Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio too and Mars entered Scorpio in December. In January 2018 Mars is conjunct Jupiter on the nodes of Mars for the first half of the month so sexual harassment is till in the news. As astrologers, we should pay special attention to when the lunar nodes are in hard aspect to the planetary nodes of Uranus and Mars. They are major players in world events. Jupiter remains in Scorpio for most of the year so this event has not played fully yet.

The Eclipse periods and Moon Wobbles this year will be extra eventful.  April 30 is the center of the Moon Wobble (Sun square the lunar nodes) since Mars will be OOB and conjunct Pluto and we still have Jupiter near the nodes of Mars since it is retrograde. The rattling of swords and sabers are in the air. The next eclipse period is all of July and half of August. There is a solar eclipse on July 13th in alignment with Pluto. Then the lunar eclipse is July 27 with Mars OOB and squaring Uranus. It is just an ugly month and it doesn’t stop. There is another solar eclipse on August 11 and Mars is stationary OOB and still square Uranus. It just doesn’t lighten up until after August 20th. The last solo Moon Wobble is October 24 and it is opposed by Uranus. Expect fireworks and shocking events that could be accompanied by loss of life. November calms down after the election but Uranus is aspect to the lunar nodes through the end of the year.

Mars is doing a very rare retrograde motion in Aquarius this year. More than 80 years have passed since Mars is Rx in Aquarius so this can be a once in a lifetime time period for the people with significant degrees in early Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Because Mars is stationary and Out of Bounds, this is an extra intense period for early Fixed sign. It can be great for business but in the areas of sex and family, tensions can run high and out of control. Feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and demand can push people to their limits. Knowing the astrological intensity can help people to weather this emotional storm by knowing the length of it and to do some creative self control and prevention.

Remember the old Chinese curse:  Many you live in interesting times.  I do individual consultation by phone or internet if someone feels the need for astrological advise.  naomibennett9@yahoo.com.

The Trump Investigation

Mueller, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr.

The investigation has been circling the wagons around Trump and it looks like astrologically, that Mueller will be dropping some bowling balls into the public arena this year. The transits speak to it and it looks like the action starts with the Lunar Eclipse at the end of January 2018 for all three of them, Mueller, Kushner and Donald Jr. This is especially true for Donald Jr. who has Mars in Leo so the transit of Mars Rx and OOB with the July eclipse period will all hit his natal Mars.   Kushner has Mars in Aquarius so he is in just as much hot water. They are both in jeopardy and the pressure will be on them intensely.

Mueller’s Hard Aspects to his Natal for 2018.  This January 31sr lunar eclipse falls on Mueller’s Sun, so he will be prominent during this time.  Note that transiting Saturn is dancing around Mueller’s own Neptune and Saturn.  He is being questioned now by Republicans that he is biased and without authority.  The waters are being muddied around him to discredit him.  He is a straight laced kind of guy so I believe the dirt will not stick or ruin his reputation.

Kushner’s Hard Aspects to his Natal for 2018.  The February solar eclipse falls on his Uranus, so a big surprise awaits him.  Then this summer the July eclipse and Mars Rx does it dance 3x across his Mars.  He will be dealing with authorities above his head and defending his business and family interest.  Both of these young men have transiting Saturn coming to hit their charts.  Donald Jr. is having his Saturn on his Sun and Jared has Saturn squaring his Saturn.  This is the weigh of the world on one’s shoulders and possible depression.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Hard Aspects to his Natal for 2018.  The January lunar eclipse falls on his Uranus so big surprises await him.  Like Jared, this summer is difficult for him dealing with authorities that will be making judgments about him.

Trump’s Hard Aspects to his Natal for 2018.   Note for Trump that the first eclipse period hits his Pluto.  This can represent his children and his family business since it is private and totally owned by Trump (Pluto represents children and personal projects that one controls.)  During the summer, the transiting Mars Rx and OOB goes to this same point–Trump’s Pluto were authorities and judgements are being made on his children and Trump Inc.  As long as the Republican leadership needs Trump to be in office to sign their legislation, Congress will not act against him but the 2018 election will turn this tide.

Now we wait to see how the year unfolds.



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