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2018 Online Classes starting March 2018

The Foundations of Astrology Course aims to help the student gain an understanding of the concepts and vocabulary used in every branch of astrology.  By the end of the seven class course, the student should be well equipped to further explore any branch.  The goal here is to create a foundation by focusing on the structure and fundamentals of astrology.

Even if the student has prior studies in astrology, it is highly recommended that the first four classes are taken since they are done in a different approach than standardized astrology.   Students with pre-existing experience are encouraged to drop in these classes but of course intermediate students can start later in the program for specific knowledge or to refine their understanding of the subject.

 CLASS 1:  Planets and Zodiac Signs
The Planets, Elements, Rulership, Benefics and Malefics, Inner and Outer, Updated Verbage

 CLASS 2:  The Hidden Geometric Design Embedded within Astrology

Sacred Geometry, Magic Numbers 1-12. Generative Numbers of Quality

 CLASS 3:  Houses
Angularity, Configuration to the Ascendant, Families of House, House Rulership, Types of Rulership

 CLASS 4: Aspects
Hard and Soft, Planetary Interaction

 CLASS 5: Declination, Out of Bounds, Retrograde Motion
Direct and Retrograde Motion, other considerations beyond Longitude

 CLASS 6: Hidden Planetary Nodes and Solar Parts

Elements in Astrology that modify the Chart and Interpretation

 CLASS 7: Synthesis
Pattern Recognition, Balancing Contradictory Factors, Complex Indicators

 When: Every Sunday afternoon, 12:30 pm- 2:00 Central Time.

Where: Your computer in your home! Classes will be held using the interactive service, Zoom. Recordings will be available for missed classes. Students can email with additional questions to Naomi.

Cost: $30 per Class or $210 for the entire 7 class course.

Classes are 90 minutes long, meet once a week, and consist primarily of live lecture and discussion online, using the Zoom software. Every student will also receive the audio recording and pdf’s of every session, so missed classes can be made up. Classes include downloadable written handouts. Three astrology books are recommended for these classes which can be purchased separately and a recommended reading list is included. Each module can be taken independently. You can also drop into the

Foundations of Astrology Course and all the previous content will be sent to you.

Foundations of Astrology by Naomi C Bennett

Astrology in the 21st century is undergoing a dramatic change as the integration of modern and historical astrology merge into a new working design that is based on astronomy and the sacred geometry of life. Naomi Bennett looks at astrology’s roots and it’s underlying structure to unlock the hidden design that was created by ancient civilizations that believed the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, that the patterns in the sky are reflected on Earth. All of creation has an underlying geometric structure that is being revealed in modern science and the current discoveries of life’s design. Naomi Bennett analyzes these correspondences to tie the hidden geometry of our life events to astrological patterns. She reviews current events with modern techniques to increase the reliability of astrological predictions and she answers the question, has the Age of Aquarius begun?

USA $23.95 paperback plus $5 shipping
Available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback  (Please buy from me or Amazon Prime–the other vendors are illegal knock-offs that violate my copyright)



DVD Course on Astrology’s History, Design & Meaning
taught by Naomi Bennett

Now on DVD is a remarkable 8 hour course by Naomi Bennett as she lectures to a group of students on the integrating theory of astrology as it relates to sacred geometry and current scientific thought. She progresses you through the meaning of the signs, the houses, planets and aspects that were discovered by Carl Payne Tobey.
Since that time, she has deepened and expanded on CPT’s discoveries to add her connection to current thought and discoveries since his writings in the 1950’s. She has added her own research to cross relate these concepts with recent research and related fields of study.
This course is extensive researched and documented with a reference list of resources for the serious student of astrology and it’s related fields. This is a foundation course for both the beginning student and for those that wish to understand the underlying theory that is hidden within the design of astrology that few have fully understood.
Priced at $150 plus $5 shipping. It is a 6 DVD set of 10 hours of instruction. This is priced to let all students of modest means study this endlessly fascinating subject.
Contact Naomi by email: or mobile contact page .


 Astrology Lessons by Carl Payne Tobey

A New Book on Amazon

Carl Payne Tobey was one of America’s prominent astrologers in this century. He was my mentor and teacher. He was part of the group of astrologers that revived astrology in the 1920’s in New York City. He contributed to the American Astrology magazine, Wynn’s Astrology magazine and The New York Astrologer in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He was the first breed of astrologers that started to use statistical research into the foundations of the subject and bring it into the 20th century. Grant Lewi and Carl were best friends and associates for years. He unexpected died of a heart attack, so Carl moved to Tucson to help in the transition period after his death. In 1955 he created this correspondence course to teach the principles that he and others had rediscovered about astrology through 30 years of experience. This is his original course, word for word. It just has been digitized with original drawings but also updated illustrations to improve it’s appearance since the days of the manual typewriter. This is for the beginning student but also for anyone who is curious about a more modern approach to traditional astrology. Lesson titles are:

1. A Mathematical Study of Biological and Psychological Dynamics
2. The Unconscious Interpretive Apparatus and Three Survival Dynamics
3. The Survival Dynamic Reactors
4. The Geometry of Time
5. The Non-Survival Dynamics
6. The Non-Survival Dynamic Guides
7. The Non-Survival Dynamics Guides, Part 2
8. Design in the Solar System
9. The Astrological Houses and Planetary Aspects
10. Sidereal Time
11. Erecting the Birth Chart
12. The Natal Horoscope
13. The Art of Interpretation
14. Analytical Interpretation
15. Survival or Non-Survival
16. The Mysterious Social Survival Problems
17. Seeds of Mental Illness
18. Progressions, Transits and Horary Astrology
19. The Statistical and the Analytical Approach
20. Astrology at Work
21. The Secondary Chart
22. Prediction
23. Child Training
24. Human Relationships
25. A Summation up to Here
26. What is the Abstract World?
27.Money Part
28. Money Part II

Carl was an advocate of the equal houses system and transits after long experimentation and use of many techniques. He explains how all systems are calculated, their theoretical foundations, and his actual experience of them. He was a great researcher and investigator of astrological techniques. He discovered why the planets were assigned to specific signs and he discovered the geometric pattern behind house rulership. In addition, he extended the use of arabic parts by calculating a new additional natal chart using traditional arabic parts that bring out hidden attributes of a personality.
There are three tests in the course: the ability to calculate a chart by hand, interpretation of Venus in all 12 signs, and calculation of Arabic parts for the secondary chart. Carl wanted all students of astrology to be investigators so he didn’t advocate memorization of rules for testing. He wanted students to bring their own talents to light as they examined astrology in their lives. Carl taught this course to over 800 people in his lifetime, he died in 1980 at the age of 78. Naomi Bennett was a former student and associate of Carl Payne Tobey in Tucson from 1968 to 1974. She has extensive knowledge of his techniques and uses them in her practice. This book is available here for $ 34.95. Naomi can be reached at or contact page. Email me if you want to purchase as a PDF file online, especially for international use.

$35 USD plus $5 for postage
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Available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback

Collected Works of Carl Payne Tobey on Astrology

Carl Tobey pioneered a modern approach to tradition astrology by approaching its principals with a questioning mind to test and verify its techniques and premises that have been handed down to us over centuries from many sources. This book is a consolidation of much of his writings on astrology from 1938 until 1962 that have not been available for over 30 years. He and Grant Lewi were associates and best friends that both wanted astrology to be studied and taught in 20th Century terms.
Tobey was the first American astrologer to do statistical research in 1935 and was an independent thinker who believed that our own experience is the best authority. As a amateur mathematician, he looked for the hidden design buried within astrology that is obscured by ancient terms and symbols. if only one He explored the realms of sacred geometry to find the hidden meaning for one that has the eyes to see them. He practiced and studied astrology for over 50 years and his insights are of value today.
I have published this book to make our best American astrologers available to us now and in the 21st Century. As we approach the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it heralds a new period of individuality, originality and unique ideas. Carl Payne Tobey was a man whose ideas were ahead of his own time but ripe for understanding at this precipice in time and space.
Cover illustration by Florinda Leighton
BonAmi, Inc.
USA $19.95 paperback plus $5 shipping
Available in iBooks under Apple iTunes for iPhone or iPad
Email me at or [contact page] if you want to purchase as a PDF file online, especially for international use.

$19.95 USD + $5 US Shipping
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Astrology of Inner Space

Carl Payne Tobey, 1902-1980, spent 50+ years in all phases of astrology. His work as a  regular writer on four national astrology magazines and editor of The Astrologer magazine, kept him abreast of all the continuing changes in this complex field. He was creator and author of the syndicated newspaper feature, This Week in Astrology, with clear, incisive insight into astrology extended to millions of readers.
Following nearly a half-century of experiment, investigation and practice, Carl Tobey sums up his life’s work here by revivifying and clarifying the strict mathematical foundations of astrology. In Astrology of Inner Space, he corrects the ‘materialistic distortion’ of Ptolemy and the Greeks, and illuminates Newtonian concepts as they relate to astrology.
With refreshing new insight, he re-explores the twelve houses of the zodiac, challenging the stereotype that popular interpretation has put on the age-old signs. Also included are chapters on double rulership, esotericism, planetary nodes, Arabic parts, the secondary chart, music of the spheres, mate signs, the Aquarian Age, coincidence, and Tobey’s final chapter: Inner Space.
I published this book to make our best American astrologers available to us now and in the 21st Century. As we approach the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it heralds a new period of individuality, originality and unique ideas from individuals that pushes society into the future. Carl Payne Tobey was a man whose ideas were ahead of his own time but ripe for understanding at this precipice in time and space.
Cover illustration by Florinda Leighton
BonAmi, Inc. USA $19.95 + $5 shipping
$19.95USD + $ US Shipping
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Astrology Readings

by Naomi C Bennett

Personal Astrology Reading for Individuals with Forecasting. This can be done remotely with a scheduled phone call. Meeting is audio recorded in a mp3 file that can be sent by email. Additional charts can be mailed or emailed for reference.

$120 Hour Contact or by phone [contact page] to discuss details and what is needed. Payment can be made through PayPal before appointment.


Beginner Workshop in Austin, Tx Oct 22, 2016

Naomi will begin at the beginning by starting with the basic signs and planetary rulers but in a new format designed to understand the geometric underpinning of how astrology is structured since Egypt created horoscopic astrology.  A perfect design that is reflected in life on Earth.  She will show it’s psychological structure and how the chart is a snapshot in time.  Two textbooks will be included along with handouts and a bit of homework.  Four hours starting at 1-5pm.  Cost is $120.  Use PayPal to register for this class.

Intermediate Workshop in Austin, Tx Oct 29, 2016

Naomi will continue the next week to deal with the difference between signs, houses and aspects, the use of transits and other predictive techniques.  The use of lunar nodes, declinations and planetary nodes will be discussed.  Use of astrology software will be presented and chart reading will begin with student natal charts.  A third textbook is included along with handouts.  Cost is $120.  Use PayPal to register for this class.

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