Orlando Massacre June 12, 2016

Orlando Massacre on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub

Moon Wobble and Mars Retrograde

12963528_986675321410474_1317657477371638559_n I have hesitated to post on this event since there are such strong emotional feeling still going on since this event where 49 people died and at least 50 where injured.  This is a major astrological event that is part of a greater pattern in the sky right now.  With all due respect to the victims, I will look at this time period astrologically.

As astrologers, we look for the patterns in the sky that correspond to worldly events so show the correspondence between life on Earth and planetary patterns. It is not a perfect correlation because the best minds and the best research is simply not supported in our culture but this subject will not die since so many generations of people around the world have found value in it.

This time period is a special one and it’s not over yet. Mars is in a retrograde cycle that has not be seen in about in early Sagittarius and going back into late Scorpio, the Sign and Ruler of SEX. But sex in astrology is a much broader subject that just procreation. It involves possessiveness, high sexual desire, aggressiveness, protection of the existing family, protection or attachment of a company or group that a family is identified, executive ability, fear of greater forces than the self. This is a dynamic that is expressed to the extreme in incest or power and control within a family or small familial group. So during this time period of May through August, we are getting Mars in a stationary motion that is dynamite in intensity. It is one thing to get a quick one week pass of Mars, it is another for it to last two months. This Mars is stationary in Sagittarius, the sign of social justice and then goes backwards into Scorpio, Mars native sign but STATIONARY with extreme intensity since Mars is also in extreme declination and will be going Out of Bounds too.


Moon Wobble:  June 7th

OJ Simpson Movie and Documentary on TV

Baylor University Fires Football Coach and Ken Starr over student rapes

Bill Cosby and Oscar Pistorius Trials back in the news

June 10th, Murder of Christina Grimmie in Orlando

June 12th,  Pulse Gay Night Club Massacre in Orlando

June 11-13th  Soccer Riots and Violence In Paris by Russians and Brits

June 12th Mother drowns two sons and burns house

Mars Rx 2016.006It is the Moon Wobble periods and eclipse periods that add the additional intensity that already driven people decide to act or major events occur. The image below labels and shows that it is the combination of hard aspects between the Sun and the lunar nodes that produce a Moon Wobble (90 degree aspect, no eclipse possible) or an Eclipse (0 or 180 degree aspects).

Mars Rx 2016.008

thumb_300x300_1024Omar Mateen

So let’s look at the chart for the Orlando-Pulse Massacre and the driveness of Mohammad Mateen:

Mars Rx 2016.009Note the excessive amount of planets in Scorpio: Venus, Pluto Mercury, and Sun with the Saturn at 10 Sagittarius. To add to this excessive Scorpio theme, the ruler of Scorpio is in Aquarius squaring Mateen’s Sun in Scorpio.

Mars Rx 2016.010Inner Wheel: Mateen, Otter Wheel: Massacre

Note the timing of the Orlando-Pulse Massacre to occur just five days after the Moon Wobble of June 7th.  Transiting Mars is on Mateen’s Scorpio Sun and squaring Mateen’s Mars.  He was under great emotional pressure and frustration.  He needed to explode his energy directly toward sexual frustration and homophobia at the same time.

Mars Rx 2016.011His increased anger started in February and returned in late April when he started planning his death per the FBI. It took the Moon Wobble for him to buy a AK-16 and pistol that very week.

Christina Grimmie, Singer

Mars Rx 2016.012Let’s look at Christina Grimmie’s murder just two days before the massacre and in the same city too! The very odd synchronicity is between Christina and her murderer.  Below is Lobli’s solar chart.  He is not dominated by Scorpio in his chart but he was under the same transiting Mars sitting opposite his natal Mars and Jupiter in Taurus. This same natal Mars/Jupiter was square Lobli’s North Lunar Node and Mercury. Transiting Mars squaring these points too.

Reliable Predictions.001Loibl’s Natal Solar Chart

Here is the trigger chart of the event against Loibl’s Solar Chart so it is easy to see the tipping points that motive someone to go from fantasy/imagination (the dominance of Pisces planets in Loibl’s natal) being squared by natal Mars to create a sexual fantasy that fixated him with natal Mars in Taurus.

Reliable Predictions.002Inner Wheel: The Attack;   Outer Wheel: Lobli Solar Chart

The Moon Wobble is squaring the Loibl’s Sun and Venus while transiting Mars is stationary and in opposition to Loibl’s natal Mars/Jupiter. tMars is pushing his sexual fantasy while the Moon Wobble pushes him to action. Finally the image of all three charts together:

Mars Rx 2016.015Christina Grimmie’s birthdate is only two days from Loibl’s but in different years. The Moon Wobble fell across both of their Suns. The transiting Mars station was opposing Loibl’s Mars/Jupiter but also aspecting Grimmie’s South Lunar Nodes, where his sexual fantasies intersected her fate/shocking events into motion.

These charts model the intensity of a stationary Mars combined with a Moon Wobble to bring troubled people into extreme, out of the ordinary action. Read the article on the coming events for this summer as a peak in this year’s astrological calendar.


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