Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh Trial and Oklahoma City Bombing

Did he do it and will he be found guilty?

Copyright reserved by Naomi Bennett April 21, 1997

On April 19, 1995 at 9:02 am in Oklahoma City, OK a bomb was detonated in front of a federal office building. The explosion killed 168 but shook the American people to their core for over a week as the details unfolded on TV. Timothy McVeigh was arrested 90 minutes after the bombing for a traffic violation near Billings, OK and was almost released but a local police officer saw a connection and called the FBI.

From an astrological point of view, why was this day picked above all others for someone to choice to commit an act of violence? From the most ancient of times in Chaldea and China, the astrologer-priests watched the skies for the serious portents of eclipses. On April 15th there was a lunar eclipse and on the 29th there was a solar eclipse. The bombing was on the 19th, why the 19th? Note that it was between the two eclipses. World events and big news stories happen when the sun and lunar nodes are conjunct or square. These are periods of human instability that are at their maximum for about 10-12 days. This particular eclipse period was magnified by the placement of Uranus. It had just entered the sign of Aquarius on February 2nd. Uranus in its own sign is associated with the new, unexpected surprises and the revolutionary. When the sun came to within one degree of a square to Uranus, that was sufficient for the explosive unexpected event. The other factor in this is how did this activate the alleged perpetrator, Timothy McVeigh? Comparing the chart of the bombing to McVeigh’s gives me a good idea if this person was motivated to commit the act.

As a personality, McVeigh has late Gemini rising. It’s possible he could be Cancer rising but he looks like an air sign. This is the sign of quick intelligence. His planets in Taurus and Aries can give him a love of home, family and the military. He has a tendency to dominate his relationships with others and is very strong willed to the point of stubborn and arrogant. Natal Uranus and Pluto are conjunct near the 4th cusp and opposed by his Moon. I would guess that his mother was the more important parent in his life. It points to some instability in his relationship with her. His sense of security is very closely tied to his need for excitement, originality, and rebelliousness. These two elements are married to his need for autonomy and the will to create within himself. He can tie in a sense of personal harm with the dramatic and catastrophic in life. His impulsivity is increased by the use of Arabic parts or Greek lots. The Part of Catastrophe is 21 degrees Scorpio and the Part of Organization is at 16 degrees Scorpio. These two parts fall on either side of his Mars as an opposition aspect. This is definitely a strong merger of emotional attachment and feelings of drivenness with dramatic explosive behavior. When this man is angry, its advisable to get our of his way. On top of it all, natal Mars is on the heliocentric node of Mars. He could have good executive ability if he could control his anger and impulsiveness.

Why the 19th of April? Note that McVeigh’s natal Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus was aspected into a T-square with the transiting sun and lunar nodes. The impulsivity of this transit directed impacted his sun and sense of self. Transiting Uranus fell on his 8th cusp of death and retribution. Transiting Mars was squaring his natal Mars. This is an emotionally impulsive transit where a person is more volatile and acts reactively with emotion and high feelings. It gives one the courage to act violently or with force. Transiting Venus and Saturn fell on his 10th cusp of public attention. It points to old persons or old friends being involved that day. The transiting moon on his 7th cusp points to the use of partner’s money or women associated with these older friends or friendship. When McVeight was arrested 90 minutes after the bombing, 0 degree Cancer was rising which fell right on McVeight’s ascendant. What a coincidence!

To say the least, I believe they have arrested the right man. There is too much synchronicity between the bombing chart and McVeigh’s natal for me to doubt his involvement. The jury selection for his trial began on March 31st and is still in progress. The chart for this beginning shows transiting Neptune on his 8th cusp. That can mean that the secret and hidden will be uncovered by trial and tribulation. But more importantly, slow moving Saturn is approaching McVeigh’s own Saturn and Venus this year. It will play the major role in determining his course. Saturn is the planet of restriction of the self and taking on responsibility. It’s presence in his 10th house shows that the ‘calling to task’ period will be public and impact his reputation for all to see. This is considered to be a culminating period of accruing public recognition for one’s actions. If the acts are viewed positively, it’s a time of reward and a career high. If the acts are viewed negatively, it indicates a falling from grace or being out of favor.

The opening arguments are scheduled to begin on April 24th, 1997. This day indicates a doubled aspect of transiting Mars opposing McVeigh’s Moon and then transiting Moon opposing McVeigh’s Mars. This is about one’s security and survival being changed or threatened by outside authority. My instinct tells me that Judge Matsch will be riding herd on the court and it won’t be in McVeigh’s favor. Women could be important in this trial with surprise turns but at this point the news media has only emphasized men. I think we will see some unexpected information come out of the defense that impacts McVeight but the probability of it overriding McVeigh’s saturnine transit over his natal position will not be enough to pull him out of the fire. It could give him a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

McVeigh’s period of duty, responsibility and obligation with continue from all of April until the end of the first quarter 1998. The trial could easily last until near Christmas by McVeigh’s transits. Key periods for McVeigh that could spell turning points for him will be near July 20-30, September 6-18 and November 27- December 7th. Despite the current problems with the FBI crime lab, McVeigh’s trial will not be a walk in the park for him. At this point, the immediate future for McVeigh is leaden with a call for taking responsibility for his actions and society’s will to control and curb the actions of the individual.

copyright January 1997 Naomi Bennett – all rights reserved

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