The Water Sign

The Water Signs

Water was selected by the ancient cultures to represent the emotions.  Like water, they can be shapeless and flood the mind and body.  Our emotions can be normal and reasonable but there are times when they overwhelm and sweep us away from rational actions.  Our emotions can be torrents of feeling that are motivations based on fear that comes from past experience.  The mind is heavily imprinted from childhood and young adult experiences that can be positive from happiness or pleasure, or strong memories can be associated with fear of loss.  These memories can be the basis for automatic out of control responses that we believe we cannot control.  Fear of starvation, the need to possess and the need to be a part of our social group are driving emotions that push us into actions that may or may not be rational ones.



In the zodiacs around the world, Cancer is represented by a shellfish to denote the soft, tender emotional self under the shell or wall of protection created by this sensitive person. Cancerians are protective of their feelings that can be hurt so easily. They are naturally introverted and can be insecure. They have a need to be nurtured and taken care of by others. It’s easy for this need to turn into selfishness if they feel neglected. They are very attuned to the emotional attitude of others and can read the psychological atmosphere of a relationship instinctually. They sense and understand others needs and can be excellent negotiators or traders. At its most basic, Cancer stands for the fear of starvation, the hunger drive. It rules the body parts of the breast and stomach, our first source of food from the mother and the source of our hunger, the stomach. Cancerians are masters at wealth building and the exchange of commodities. After all, money and things can always be exchanged for food if necessary. Cancer is a Water sign, ruled by the Moon, and associated with the breast and stomach.



The sign of Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, snake or eagle. The scorpion and snake denote the primitive, instinctual sex drive that can be destructive if untamed but the eagle represents its higher attributes of mature paternal protectiveness and executive ability. This sign is the emotional urge to procreate. It’s more than just the sex drive. It’s the emotional drive to protect and perpetuate the family. Scorpios have natural executive ability. They inspire loyalty and are loyal and true to family, friends or employers they feel are their extended family. They can also be jealous and protective. They can keep a secret if necessary. They can be emotionally impulsive and be quick to anger. If a mistake was made, they will right the wrong done to others. Scorpios tend to marry someone like a family member or with a similar background. They are willing to compromise rather than breech their ties with their family. They need to be part of the family and they are protective of the family group. There can be intense infighting within the family but they will defend the family from the outside world. They generally have high energy and can get the job done. Sexuality is high on their priority list and is right below the veneer they show to the world. Scorpio is a Water sign, ruled by the planet Mars and associated with the sex organs, urethra and anus.



Pisces is denoted by two fish swimming in opposite directions and entangled by seaweed. This is a picturegram of the mental state being in two world, possibly in conflict or cross purposes. It is the sign of imagination and the mystic. It’s emotionally sympathetic to the survival of the weakest, not the fittest. These are people who protect or befriend the underdog, the weakest members of society, the nonconformist, the abhorrent or unusually. It wants to better the condition of the less fortunate. It feels akin to the animals. They are sympathetic and compassionate. Their feelings run deep from an unknown source. They instinctively feel the emotional glue that binds us together as a group. Their imagination comes from the depths of the collective unconscious. They are artists, poets, musicians, actors or drug dealers, criminals, spies and psychics. They are the most secretive of all the signs. They know that life is not what society tells us. Rather than confront the social structure, they go around it, avoid it, or deceive it. They don’t like to follow the rules. The sign is also associated with illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking or any behavior that is habitual and additive. Pisces can be comfortable with chaos and disorder in their lives whether it’s emotional or physical. Pisces is a Water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune, and associated with the feet.

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