The Earth Signs

The Earth Signs

The last article dealt with the water signs which the ancients used as an allegory for the emotions. Water, like emotion, is formless and can overwhelm us like a flood. It takes the earth to give shape and structure to any body of water, like a lake or the banks of a river. The ancients assigned the Earth signs to balance or counteract the Water signs of emotions. Sacred geometry is prevalent in the arrangement of the signs. The Fire and Air signs are future oriented while the Water and Earth signs are past oriented. The ancients called them male or female. Water-Earth and Fire-Air always oppose the other as opposites of duality. They are evenly distributed as alternating pairs of past and future around the zodiac circle. Each element has three signs that are always 120 degrees apart to create four triplicities.



The symbol of Capricorn is the figure of a goat with the tail of a fish. It represents a kind of stubbornness, holding one’s own, and protecting established traditions. It represents the containment or restriction of the individual. It’s associated with law and order, duties, responsibility and commitment. Capricorns are usually successful early in life. They want to be recognized by society for their accomplishments and career choices. They pick safe, prudent, wealth building careers such as lawyers, doctors, professors, historians. They are admired in their youth but can become the scapegoat in their old age. They maintain and perpetual the establishment, traditions, rules and laws. They have a love for the past and wish to maintain traditions. Economic or social status are importance considerations in marriage and in association with others. They are usually conservative and cautious. They pay attention to details and take on responsibilities readily. Decisions are made with deliberation. Their word is their bond, they keep their commitments. They can be emotionally extreme by high elation or sever depression. Their mood swings can be dramatic. Habits and beliefs can be difficult to change once established. Capricorn is an Earth sign, ruled by the planet Saturn and associated with the bones, teeth and knees.


The symbol of Taurus is the bull or in other zodiacs, the largest most powerful animal known. It represents the protective force that guard and provides for the family’s needs. It’s associated with providing the home for shelter for the family, real estate or fixed assets. It personifies the restriction of the sex drive to give that instinct form and substance. Taureans are stable, constant persons that value home and family. They have a strong, steady manner that conveys substance and trust. The can be counted on to be consistent to the point of stubborn. Sometimes becoming immovable objects and bullheaded. They like their physical comfort and they like their home surroundings to be large, substantial and comfortable to their tastes. Once Taureans are comfortable in life, they can be difficult to move. They resist change. They are called stoic and resist showing their feelings openly. They are slow to anger, but once aroused, they are awesome in their power and destruction. They hold all their suffering inside and never show it to the world. Taurus is an Earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus, and associated with the neck, throat and larynx.



The symbol of Virgo is associated with the Virgin who is harvesting the wheat or grain. It is associated with the practical application of societal needs into concrete form. Virgos are hard workers who pay attention to detail, efficient, organized and can handle money well. The sign is associated with service such as accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, nurses, massage therapists, cooks, construction, and secretaries, any job that requires physical stamina, concentration and attention to detail. Virgos believe “you are what you eat” and can be very conscious of their diet and food. They are clothes conscious and careful to wear the right attire for the occasion. They learn the appropriate use of manners for their culture and follow them. They can be picky and overly neat at times. Virgos believe in being of service to society and can be the practical implementers of social change or reform. They can figure out how to apply principles or rules in a cost effect manner. They want value for the money spent. Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury and associated with the bowels or intestines.

Sacred Geometry is pervasive in the study of astrology and it’s meanings. The ancients called the Water and Earth signs feminine which are related to the past and what we already know and have experienced. The next article will continue with the Fire signs which are the opposite of the Air signs. All six of these signs deal with the future.

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