Madonna the Pop Singer and Mommy!


Madonna the Pop Sincer and Mommy!

By Naomi Bennett copyright

Oct. 16, 1995 and June 2017

Madonna, who rose to fame as the ultimate sexually free singer and Generation X feminist, has given birth to a healthy baby girl named Lola in Los Angles on October 14th at 4:01 p.m.  She is creating her family on her terms just as she has created her career.

 Madonna was born on Aug. 16, 1958 at 7:05 a.m. in Bay City. Michigan.

With astrology we have probabilities of patterns of personality and interpersonal dynamics that can give us a clue.  Astrology is about tendencies that point to the direction we are likely to take but fate is not laid in concrete.  It’s an aid to know our basic nature.  Conscious choice and freewill gives us the ability to rise above our habitual animalistic nature to create our own destiny.

It’s likely that the people that Madonna works with could introduce Lola to the Arts or that Madonna will open doors for her to explore her creativity.  From Madonna’s perspective, her work and public life will introduce third parties into her relationship with her daughter like nannies and tutors.  Lola’s relationship with her Mom will always have other parties around them.  Alone time will be minimal.  This is seen from Madonna cluster of Pluto, Mercury and Ascendant which all  fall into Lola 7th cusp which rules third parties.  Madonna’s driving ambition will bring all these other people into Lola’s life.  When she decides on a career, she will need to be her own boss like her Mom.  Acting is more likely for her than singing because she can show her feelings passionately to others.  It can be projected out into acting.  She doesn’t have the power house of drive that made her Mom famous or the need to be in the limelight so her family name and connects will aid her in her efforts.

Madonna’s chart has Sun, Uranus and Venus in Leo with Moon, Ascendant, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo near her Ascendant.  Leo brings out the actress and exhibitionist in her.  She’s comfortable around people and wants the spotlight on herself.  There are two power points in her chart that is interesting.  Pluto on her Virgo ascendant gives her the driving ambition to be number one, be autonomous, self disciplined and athletic.  She was the first woman to rise to the very top of the music industry in Rock.  She molded and reshaped her body to create a hard angular look.  She was the Material Girl and the Blond Ambition Tour.  She was a fashion trend setter.  This is the blend of the powers of Pluto near her Ascendant with all those planets in Virgo.  Virgo is the ruler of the fashion industry and Madonna drove a new sexy-trashy look that swept over teenage girls for five years.  One of her most famous songs was a spoof on the fashion-photographic industry and it generated a dance of posing.  She made wearing underwear as outerwear socially acceptable to the point that even women’s business suits show lace peeking out from a blouse.   Each time she transforms her looks, its dramatic from head to toe in every detail.  This is the strong Virgo attention to detail and getting “just the right look” for appearances.  Her sexually outrageous side is expressed through a Mars square Uranus.  This quality likes to be unpredictable, surprising, unconventional and sexually outlandish.  She put this quality into the forefront with her pointed bras, grabbing her crotch, and graphic coffee table book.  The point is to be unique and shocking.  She is noted for her bysexuality by having two know lesbian affairs and kissing women on stage.  But she does seem to prefer men overall.

Madonna is going through her maternal period but  we will see lots more of her as she transitions from Rock star to Movie star, back to Rock star.  Her maternal side is strong with two natural children and four adopted children.  There is a strong need to mother which I attribute to Pluto (ruler of Aries, the 5th house and children) being on her Ascendant.

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