Garth Brooks


Garth Brooks

Birthdate February 2, 1962

Garth Brooks has made it big on the country music scene and is one of the most successful male singers in the music industry.

He has a most unusual chart in that he was born during a rare stellium of planets in Aquarius namely, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Venus, Lunar Node, Jupiter and Mercury. He has an excess of Aquarius characteristics. Aquarians are unconventional and original in their ideas. In youth they can be rebels, brilliant, and have concepts that are 20 years ahead of society. They are attracted to sports that give an adrenaline rush like down hill skiing, racing cars, or rock climbing. They can be technology fans of the newest and best in computers or electronics of any kind.


I wish I had the time of day that he was born because he doesn’t look Aquarius. They are very often tall with an extra long face that seems like a narrow rectangle. Aquarius usually has a thin, lean body but Garth has a thick stocky body that suggests that he could have an earth sign rising (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). He is noted for his attention to clothing and fashion. He designs his own shirts and now has a line of clothing based on his designs. This is a Virgo-Mercury characteristic. Virgo is associated with the fashion industry, so this is my best guess.

He does have Moon in Capricorn which gives him stability with women and money. He is conservative with his affection and wants value and status when he spends his money.

Beginning in 1996 and continuing through the beginning of the next century, transiting Uranus will be passing through all of Garth’s Aquarian planets. This should be a period of great change, originality and turmoil for Garth as he attempts to alter his life patterns by eliminating the old and worn out parts of his life with new ideas and risk taking. This can make for a bumpy road but he could keep his presence on the stage fresh and new for his fans. Behind the stage, life can get uncomfortable with such a long series of changes. With Garth’s Aquarian nature, change is exhilarating and it energizes him.

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